Unique Holiday Gifts Your Man Will Surely Love

It isn’t always easy to find the right presents for everyone on your shopping list. How can you find a unique gift that will actually be appreciated and used? If you’re looking for an unexpected and thoughtful gift for the man in your life, these are a few of your best options. 

Portable Speakers 

High-quality speakers are the perfect way to enjoy music, podcasts, and more. The best portable Bluetooth speakers on the market today can deliver the resonant tones of a sound system on the go. There are a wide range of speakers to choose from, many of which are equipped with cutting-edge features. If there’s an audiophile in your life, this is a gift option that’s likely to impress!

Electric Beard and Hair Trimmers

Grooming can help any man to look and feel his best. With an electric trimmer, it’s far easier to maintain eyebrows, facial hair, and more. Adventurous users can even use a trimmer to cut the hair on their heads. This present pairs very well with gifts like styling wax and beard oil. While this is an excellent gift for younger men, it’s something that many older men will enjoy as well. 

Silk Dressing Gowns

There are few things in the world that feel as luxurious as a silk dressing gown. Even famous heroes like James Bond put on a dressing gown when they want to relax. There are options available in many different colours, which means you can find an option that’s perfect for the man that you’re shopping for.

Wireless Chargers

Most people depend on electronic devices throughout the day. It can be frustrating to be stuck with a low battery when you’re not near a charger. Thankfully, with a wireless charger, it’s possible to charge devices anywhere. This is a particularly thoughtful gift for men that travel frequently. 

Subscription Boxes

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be given just once a year. With a subscription box, you can give lovely gifts again and again. There are a wide range of subscriptions to choose from, which means you can find something that suits any budget and tastes. From gourmet coffee subscriptions to gadget discovery boxes, you can find subscriptions that any man in your life will love!

Premium Umbrellas 

Rain can be a nuisance throughout the year. While cheap, flimsy umbrellas can provide some protection from the elements, a large, premium-quality umbrella can keep the user completely dry. Many of these umbrellas are extremely stylish, and some of them are even large enough to be used by more than one person at a time. This is a practical gift that many men will never think to buy for themselves.  You can personalise it further by adding their name on the hansle through custom laser engraving service which is popular Australia wide.

Shoe Care Items

If you’re shopping for someone that loves high-quality footwear, but you can’t afford to buy them a new pair of leather shoes, consider giving them some items that will keep their favourite footwear looking like new. There are many items that can protect and revitalize shoes, including shoe trees, polish, and buffing cloths. You can even put together a shoe care kit!

How Does Cosmetic Surgery Affect Mental Health?

Does cosmetic surgery affect mental health negatively? What are the side effects of undergoing cosmetic surgery? There are tons of similar questions people bump into before opting for cosmetic surgery.

However, the outcome varies from case to case. But before you undergo surgery, it is imperative to understand how it will impact your mental health.

Will it worsen the health, or can you expect to see some positive changes? Read on to find out!

Does Mental Health Issues Worsen After Cosmetic Surgery?

Some people do not like specific aspects of their appearance, and it can influence mental well-being. Therefore, they choose cosmetic surgeries like Vaser liposuction to get rid of excess body fat.

 As per research, the psychological outcomes of surgery were not positive in some patients. In contrast, many people reported sudden improvements in their mental well-being after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Some individuals who underwent failed and unsatisfactory surgeries experienced a few mental disorders. However, more patients were satisfied with the outcomes, and it helped in improving mental health.

As per another study, “mental health issues have a significant impact over the person’s recovery from surgery”. It is essential to understand the reasons why these psychological disorders occur.

There are several reasons behind mental health issues after cosmetic surgery. These reasons include anaesthesia, stress, reaction to pain relievers, concerns about the impact of surgery on the quality of lifespan.

The aforementioned reasons usually result in depression, which thus translates into psychological disorders.

How to Avoid Mental Health Issues After Cosmetic Surgery?

Is it possible to prevent any psychological disorders after undergoing cosmetic surgery? Well, yes! It is possible to fend off any poor mental health effects by keeping a few things in mind.

Take Medications as Directed 

Make sure to take medications as directed by the expert. Don’t increase or decrease the dosage unless told to do so.

Don’t Smoke 

It has been seen that people who indulge in drinking or smoking after cosmetic surgery may experience mental health issues. It would be great to avoid drinking and smoking for some time after undergoing surgery.

Choose the Right Experts 

Choosing the right cosmetic surgery experts will also help you prevent any mental and physical health issues. When choosing a clinic in Sydney, make sure to check their portfolio or Vaser liposuction before and after photos to know more about their work.

Follow All Instructions Religiously 

Doctors or cosmetic surgery experts recommend some instructions to every patient depending on the cosmetic surgery they have opted for. Do follow all the instructions religiously and visit the clinic for a general post-op check-up as told by the doctor. 

Final Thoughts 

Some mental health issues are common post-op and can be suppressed using the right medications. It is essential to get in touch with an experienced cosmetic surgery expert in Sydney to seek more information regarding the mental health issues surgery can trigger.

Also, read more about the cosmetic surgery you are planning to undergo to learn more about its pros and cons. 

Guide to Isha Hatha yoga for beginners

Yoga can be defined in many different ways. Some say it’s a method that will help you feel good about your body. Others say it’s a spiritual practice while there are people who say yoga is a way of life. Regardless of your approach, one thing is for sure; yoga is an effective way to integrate your mind, body and spirit and help you build good habits which are beneficial for your health.

Anyone can practice yoga. No matter how old you are, regardless of your career or your size, you can do yoga. It is made accessible to everyone.

Once yoga practice that is gaining popularity nowadays is hatha yoga. What is Hatha Yoga?

This practice involves breath, mind and body. Classes from isha hatha yoga usually last from 45 minutes to 90 minutes composed of yoga poses, breathing exercises and mediation. According to research, hatha yoga helps a person when it comes to relieving stress. It also promotes healthy habits and aid in emotional health. Hatha yoga can also help in alleviating pain, such as back pain and arthritis. It is also said that this type of yoga practice can help people quit smoking.

Yoga is not one size that fits all practice. There are different yoga practices which cater to different individuals according to what you are looking for. Aside from hatha yoga, let’s take a look at the other types of yoga.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga focuses on joints, bones and connective tissues. The pace is slower and more meditative, and it incorporates principles of Chinese medicine. It will give you the time and pace to tune in both of your mind and body. With yin yoga, you will be able to stretch and lengthen the tissues that you rarely used because you will be holding poses for a longer period compared to other types of yoga. Through this, you will be taught how to breathe through discomfort and be aware of your thoughts.

Vinyasa Yoga

This is a fast-paced yoga where you are taught to synchronise your movement with your breathing and then move your way through another pose seamlessly. The nature of Vinyasa yoga is to help you develop your balance while preventing injuries through repetitive motions.  This type of yoga is for people who are looking for more of a work out routine rather than relaxation.

These are only a few of the many types of yoga. If you are a beginner, we suggest you find the kind of yoga that you want and then start with short sessions and see if it will work for you. Once you feel comfortable doing the practice, you can slowly build up from there by doing basic poses and then incorporating challenging poses. Just make sure that you follow and learn the essential components of yoga from the experts.

For you to develop and progress in the practice of yoga, you need to be patient, determined and disciplined. You also need to be consistent, and your commitment is what matters most.  Once you’ve found the yoga style that you like and focus on the important aspects of yoga practice, you will then be able to adopt a yogic lifestyle.

The effects of yoga can be felt beyond just the physical body. It will help you build a connection between your senses and your purpose and awareness of living. Not only does yoga help you to be physically healthy but also mentally. If you are looking for ways to reduce stress, improve your focus, and be in a more relaxed state, then yoga practice might be the one you are looking for. Who knows? You may enjoy the benefits you will gain from it. 

How to support autistic kids during the pandemic

The coronavirus has brought a lot of changes worldwide and has affected many people. It has led to the closure of a lot of businesses, schools and other industries. The change was never easy but it was extremely difficult for children with autism. The families need to adapt with the sudden changes and disruption which mean, routines, if not their lives have to change as well. This created challenging issues for autistic kids.

The uncertainty bought by the pandemic has become stressful not only to the kids in the spectrum but also to their parents. Most families have seen challenging behaviours and meltdowns from their children who are having issues coping up with the sudden change and may not know how to express their frustrations. This can be very difficult for everyone.

Because of the pandemic, the usual support or structure learnings from schools and other programs were closed. Families are advised to stay at home and advised to take online learning. Going to therapies is limited as well. 

So how do we accommodate our children with autism during these difficult times? 

Talk about COVID 

Your child may have questions about the virus but they are unable to ask them to you. They may have heard about it during a conversation in the family. Even if your child has not come to you and opened up about the topic, find time to discuss the coronavirus with your child. Find opportunities through visual support to be able to explain well the situation we are currently in. Relay important messages to your kids like proper handwashing, social distancing and why people need to wear masks. Explain these things at your child’ developmental level.

It is advisable to turn off the news both from television and radio. Also, prevent your child from browsing the internet about the virus. They may find information or false information about the virus that will possibly cause anxiety and distress.

Plan a new schedule

Since the usual routine is no longer applicable, you have to set up new schedules and timetables. To minimise the anxiety in distress in your child, instead of making the schedule on your own, involve your child in planning their new schedule and routine.

Since children with autism always look for familiarity, create a schedule that will almost mirror their regular school day before the pandemic happened. Include breaks for snacks, lunch and playtime. You can ask them their preferred break time. For example, ask them “Do you want to go outside after your lunchtime? “Do you want to play blocks during your playtime?” If you do this, you are giving them the chance to take control during this uncontrollable situation.

Using visuals to support the steps to be taken on the day can also help. Write your schedules on the board or place it on the wall along with written words and maybe pictures that will show the activity. Using audio as a cue that it’s time for them to move on to the next activity is also beneficial.

Children with autism may struggle with sudden changes because they don’t know what to expect. But with schedules and timetables, they will be able to anticipate their next activity and they’ll find comfort.

Limit screen time

Electronics can be a helpful tool for your child to continue learning through a virtual lesson. It can also be used for them to connect with their friends and teachers so that social anxiety does not grow. In doing screen time, you should establish the right time and spaces. Assign a certain time that should be spent on online learning and another time for connecting to peers. It is important to make this clear to your child. Electronics may be a positive tool but too much screen time can cause irritability, hyperactivity and they may have a hard time sleeping.

Limit your child’s screen time and encourage them to get a healthy dose of outside.

Maintain a good sleep routine

To have a good night sleep is important for your child so instil a bedtime routine and good sleep hygiene strategies. To be able to achieve this, encourage your child to do physical activity in the form of exercise during the day. Make sure they do not intake caffeine after midday. Tell them to use the bed only for sleeping, not playing or sit on it during screen time. Go to bed the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning, every day, whether it’s weekdays or weekends.

Avail of treatment opportunities

Because of the stay-at-home orders, many medical treatments and intervention may not be available. However, there are medical professionals and therapists who have transitioned in providing treatment through online services. Find a provider that offers these services online or speak with your current therapist and find out what services you may be eligible for.

There are also therapists who offer services that centre on parents to provide them with the tools needed such as toys for autistic kids to manage interventions at home. If your child has a behavioural dysregulation, speak with your provider to see what they can do or if it is possible to do in-person service.

Find opportunities that will help you maintain your child’s acquired skills and learning during regular interventions and treatments. Continue to connect with your provider  whether things are going well or not.

How spirituality can benefit health workers

The focus of medicine nowadays has become technological and cure-oriented. In the past century, it used to be service-oriented. This change was brought by the advances of technology. Because of the advancement, the world of medicine is giving an opportunity for patients to prolong their life. But before all of this has happened, health workers in past few decades have tried their best to balance by reclaiming the spiritual roots of medicine. It has been recognized that spirituality is linked to health care.

When a patient found out that they have some serious illness like cancer, they tend to question everything. They ask their doctors if there is anything left they can do. They feel afraid thinking of the pain and suffering ahead. They fear where they are going after they die. There are lots of pressing concerns for people who are very sick. Now, both medical and health workers, especially the doctors, must tackle such personal concerns of their patients. This is because sooner or later, they will face this kind of health care crisis.

The question is, should health workers take seriously the spiritual concerns of their patients? Will this strengthen the reform of health care? Will this help them approach their patients more compassionately? If this is taken into account, what will be the look of future health care say, fifty years from now?

Spirituality is essential in any person. It helps improve your health and well being. For patients, it helps them cope up with their illness and help them enhance their recovery.

What is spirituality?

Different people have a different meaning for spirituality. For some, it has something to do with their religion and church. Others define spirituality as non-religious practice while there are some who believed it is both religious and non-religious activities. Spirituality can mean a time for reflection and doing meditation. It can also mean connecting back to nature by simply taking a walk or watching the stars.

Because of spirituality, people find a higher purpose for their lives. You get to believe that something is more significant than you. It gives you more peace, joy, understanding and connection. Regardless of how you defined spirituality, one is for sure, and it provides a substantial impact on your health. It gives you more hope, guidance, trust, and it helps you look into the future.

For health workers, they often ask on how to approach the area of spirituality in treating their patients. How do they select their patients who are candidates for spiritual history? Ideally, health workers shouldn’t wait for patients to provide this opportunity. It would be better if they may need it a part of their conversation with patients as they conduct physical examinations for outpatients as well as those who are already admitted. Health workers need to know if there are factors in their spiritual beliefs that affect their patient’s medical decision-making.

According to studies, patients favoured if health workers conduct spirituality. But even if this is the case, an only a small amount of patients have genuinely experienced this. It may be a sensitive issue, and the patient, as well as the family, may feel uncomfortable if the topic of spirituality is being discussed. However, this can be handled well by informing the patient that research shows, spirituality plays a significant role in healing. So since health workers are interested in the well being of their patients, they also should be interested in whatever that supports their patients in getting better.

Understanding the role of spirituality in healthcare has a lot of benefits, not only to patients but also to health workers. This will give balance in their medical practice. This will lead doctors to be more compassionate and be able to give their patients the whole service, including their emotional, physical, social and spiritual well being. As a result, patients can improve their stress control which can help in increasing their personal strength, resulting in better-coping skills.

By talking about spirituality, health workers can help their patients to have a more positive outlook in life, to trust the treatment and healing process and to believe in total recovery. With this, there will be a fulfilment to both patients and the health workers.